Me Douglas Yip has had over 30 years of taxation law experience, many in prominent accounting and law firms in Montreal. Since starting his own practice at the end of 2010, he endeavours to work for his clients in a diligent, timely, and professional manner, while keeping his legal fees reasonable. Me Yip is knowledgeable in corporate, personal and international tax planning, including:

- Corporate reorganizations (rollovers, windings-up and amalgamations)

- Estate planning (estate freezes, family trusts, Wills, Mandates in case of incapacity)

- Purchases and sales of businesses (shares or assets)

- Notices of Objection

- Tax aspects of departure from, and immigration to, Canada

- Asset protection techniques and

- Voluntary Disclosures

Me Yip also carries out dissolutions and incorporations (including professional practices); prepares annual corporate resolutions, shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements; and handles audits initiated by taxation authorities, and GST/QST matters.

He welcomes any inquiries by professionals and potential clients on the above mentioned matters, without any financial commitment.